Thursday, January 15, 2015

Modest Proposal

Modest Proposal

Wake up. Scroll.  Sitting in the middle of class, scroll.  The last thing a person does before they go to bed, scroll.  It’s amazing how these 5 inch by 5 inch pieces of glass and plastic absolutely run the life of teenagers. Let’s just take a moment and imagine life without twitter, instagram, and pretty much any type of social media, also texting. What would people do with themselves?  God forbid we actually have a conversation with someone face to face and not through a keyboard on a cell phone.  Just picture this, a young couple out to dinner on a first date or even a married couple out to dinner after a busy week of working and taking care of the kids, and what’s their main focus? A cell phone. They aren’t even enjoying each other’s company because of a stupid cell phone is glued to their hands.  There is truly never a time in this generation where people are not absolutely glued to their cell phones.  If there is a technological malfunction, or if someone’s messages won’t send or if their twitter won’t refresh, it’s like it’s the end of the world. Parents seem to be buying their kids cell phones the day they turn ten years old, which is entirely the worst thing to happen to social media and twitter because if I see one more account of a ten year old posting selfies making duck faces I will lose all my hope in humanity as a whole.

                I propose that we remove all social media and technology permanently.  I mean hey let’s throw it back to the old days where people were using feathers and writing on rocks I mean really who needs technology.  Or maybe messages in a bottle and just hope it gets to the person you want it to. Or maybe I just want to go to my friend’s house, no need to call first I’m just going to let myself in the front door, no need to text them first.  And truthfully, what is the true meaning of twitter? News flash! No one cares if you’re using the bathroom and what you had for lunch. Twitter is probably one of the most unnecessary social media sites that causes the most drama amongst teenager.  Now, instagram is just a place for promiscuous girls to post hideous pictures making duck faces and for others to live vicariously through each other’s lives.  What could be more fun than that? Sounds like a great time to me. 

                Teenagers can’t even conversations with their parents because their only concern is the DING sound they hear go off in their pocket fifty seconds ago.  When was the last time you came across a teenager that didn’t have their cell phone glued to their hand where ever they went?  It’s like a drug, they cannot go a day without it and it’s constantly being used.  It’s like a nervous tick, god forbid they don’t use it for thirty seconds out of their day they might miss someone’s tweet or Instagram post, now we can’t have that now can we?

                Even myself, my dad must request that I do not use my phone when I am eating a sandwich which I find to be incredibly difficult.  My friends are in constant need of my attention and I must fulfill their requests. It’s kind of scary being entirely addicted to one a piece of technology.  Every detail in my life revolves around a cellular device which frankly is not ideal.  Any plans I make, revolves around my phone, me needing to cover a shift at work or come in early, revolves around a phone, it’s like it’s a crime to imagine the world we live in without technology, it’s just not acceptable for most people, technology is a necessity to live and pretty much for teenagers it’s entirely life consuming.

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